Social Media Marketing Specialist | 1 year experience - Bocaue

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Job Title: Social Media Marketing Specialist | 1 year experience
Company: Racal Group of Companies
Country: Philippines
Provincia: Bulacan
State/City: Bocaue
Area of the position: Marketing Research
Publication Date: 21/02/2018
ID: 124604138

Male or female, not more than 35 years old

Graduate of Marketing, Communication, Business Administration or any related field

Must possess excellent selling and marketing skills

Must have broad and creative idea in sales and marketing

Must be socially oriented

Must be willing to work in Bocaue, Bulacan

Must be willing to do field works (branch visits)

At least 1 to 2 years related working experience
In charge in the online marketing campaign of the company.

Handles and updates websites and other social media accounts including customer hotlines.

Attends to customer's online queries.

Prepares and posts announcements and promotional materials on the company's website and on social media.

Gains traffic and attention through social media sites.

Promotes products and services online.

Creates a strong brand identity and positive brand association.

Improves online communication and interaction with key audience.

Measures the effectiveness of social efforts.


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