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Collaboration with a team of line cooks, cashiers and stockmen in the quality and timely production of food to fulfill orders placed across sales channels Ensure properly working enablers (equipment, systems, wares, etc.) by using these following kitchen standards and SOPs which including cleaning and basic troubleshootingComply with food and workplace safety across all parts of the kitchen and by its staff, coordinating with Kitchen Head or other members of the Operations departmentAdministrational work for the Operations department.



Ensure cleanliness, correct storage and handling of all inventory and orders across all stages of fulfillment, capability handling assignment across stations Compliance with Kitchen Quality Audits by ensuring a properly functioning kitchen, equipment and systemsProper recording of consumption of all inventories through the internal reporting systems, thereby reducing shrinkage and improving accountabilityActively participate in the training, especially with regard to the preparation of the foodMust be aware of the guidelines and principles of food safety and
sanitation; frequently review and assess all kitchen procedures to ensure employees maintain a safe and hygienic environment.Responsible for ensuring that all staff strictly follows the guidelines of CQSMA (cleanliness, quality, service, maintenance and atmosphere).Other operational related tasks as deemed by management



Improvement in overall performance and quality by the kitchens as evidenced by: Passing score of at least 90% in Kitchen Quality Audits Reduction of complaints to three (3) incidents without any Food Quality issues during their shiftImprovement of star ratings on platform to 4 starsImprovement in Cooking Time to fifteen (15) minutes, thereby improving brand visibilityContribution to Company sales and transaction growth through the metrics above with a target of 300 transactions daily or 10% growth from their current runrate, whichever is higher

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable

Minimal experience: No experience

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