IOS Developer | Minimum 5 Years of Experience - Manila

Company: Innovations Group
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Location: Manila, Filipinas
Employer Email: *********@*******.com (View email)
1. Have minimum 5 years of actual development experience on iOS platform;
2. Familiar with Objective- C, iOS architecture and common frameworks, familiar with the App launch process;
3. Familiar with IOS Sdk and MVC, MVP, MVVP framework mode, have good coding habits;
4. In- Depth understanding and practice of IOS platform performance optimization, memory optimization and power optimization;
5. Experience and practice in React Native project is preferred;
6. Experience in H5 development or knowledge of front- End technologies such as html, css, and JavaScript is preferred;
7. Those who can provide DEMO and AppStore products are preferred, and those who have experience in e- Commerce, transaction or payment software development are preferred;
8. Good communication and presentation skills, good at teamwork.

1. Responsible for mobile App product development, optimization and maintenance;
2. Participate in the design of the core system and the discussion and formulation of technical solutions;
3. Familiar with Objective- C for App development and debugging; (architectural development using Objective C)
4. Improve the usability of the software and enhance the user experience;
5. The writing, maintenance of normative documents, and other work related to the project.

Salary Range: Up to USD 3200/month
Benefits for Expats:
1. KPI Bonus (upon regularization)
2. Attendance Bonus (even during Probationary Period - 500 CNY)
3. Annual Leave (15 days / year) + Chinese Holiday
4. Dorm facility (for maximum 6 months), then housing allowance PHP 15,000/month
5. Shuttle service & 3 meals/day
6. Salary (non Taxable)

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: USD 2,500.00 - 3,200.00 Monthly
Positions available: 3

Minimal experience: 5 years
Gender: Indistinct
Computer skills: CSS, Html, Javascript, MVC, React Native, Objective C, MVP
- Availability to travel and work outside the city

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