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1. Graduate of science courses, business administration, public administration is an advantage.
2. Past Work Experience
A. Generally, a minimum of five (5) years of experience in office administration is required.
B. Experience as EA in the same industry is an advantage but not
1. Assist in the daily executive functions of the President and CEO in terms of coordination and communication to affected parties within or outside the company.
2. Assist the President and CEO on matters related to ministerial tasks such as preparation of documents and records for approval, summary reports of activities, arranging look ahead schedules of the President & CEO, and compiling confidential records among others.
3. Attend all meetings with the President & CEO, as per the latters discretion, that are on regular schedule. Meetings pertain to regular operational and executive huddles.
4. Compile, transcribe, and distribute minutes of meetings to Execom / Board / Stockholders or to any other interested parties involved.
5. Prepare all presentation materials to be used by the President and CEO (power point / AVP).
6. Prepare agendas/topics/areas of discussion and make arrangements for committee, board, and other meetings via coordination between the Office of the President and parties involved.
7. Assist the President and CEO in preparing all required and regular executive reports, updates, toplines, and summaries as deemed necessary by the immediate superior.
8. Facilitate all coordination meetings whether operational or directional involving division heads, departmental managers, executive officers, and other employees.
9. Attend meetings with suppliers, business partners, principals, vendors or any third parties as prescribed by the President and CEO related to business and operations.
10. Represent the President and CEO in all and any meetings sponsored by the Executive Office on cases when the President cannot attend.
11. May represent the Office of the President on external meetings to parties as mentioned in item 10 for purposes of cancellation, postponement, or presentation of toplines on occasions when the President cannot attend.
12. Act as custodian of pertinent and classified documents of the President and CEO related to business and personal.
13. Assist the President & CEO in attending to personal and family affairs.
14. Assist the Executive Secretary in managing and arranging travel itineraries and overall schedule of the President & CEO.
15. Compile, sort and file all documents an records as may be determined by the President & CEO.
16. Make travel arrangements for Executives.
17. Compile, transcribe, and distribute minutes of meetings to Execom / Board / Stockholders
18. Attend meetings as instructed by the President and CEO to take down minutes of other Departments
19. Facilitate Coordination meeting
20. Coordinate and direct office services, such as records and budget preparation, personnel, and housekeeping, in order to aid executives.
21. Manage and maintain executives' schedules.
22. Constantly coordinating to all other departments on operations concerns and have the Execom informed / updated for any developments.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 2

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Gender: Indistinct

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