Engineering Head (for STE and AMO) - Taguig

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  • • With at least 17 years of related experience
  • • Licensed engineer
  • • Background in real estate and/or construction company is an advantage
  • • Must have good communication skills for overseeing staff and working with other management personnel
  • • Detail-oriented with the ability to catch minor errors which can result in major problems
  • • Must have organizational skills for keeping track of various budgets, employees, and schedules simultaneously
  • • Full scale knowledge and experience in the construction business with projects on high-rise residential projects is preferred
  • • For AMO and STE


  • • Reporting to the Executive Vice President (EVP), and owners/shareholders of Regent Construction International, Inc., the Engineering Head is responsible for providing broad transformational leadership, oversight and support Regent's Corporate and Construction operations.
  • • Assist the EVP for the overall management and strategic corporate planning of the company including all construction operations and related personnel of the firm.
  • • Oversee the implementation of company strategies that are created by top management and had the responsibility of delivering results on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Work Day: Full Time
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: PHP 100,000.00 - 150,000.00 Monthly
Positions available: 1

Minimal experience: Unspecified
Gender: Indistinct

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