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Who we are

Halcyon digital media design inc. Is a philippine company registered with the sec in 2014. The company previously operated for 3.
Years prior, so originally founded in 2011.  our company provides web design, mobile applications design, erp design and graphic design services to government.
Departments, smes and corporations. What sets us apart from most of our competitors is our strong focus on trending and future.
Technologies.  we have an extensive portfolio of clients in the philippines, and also overseas, especially in australia, england and the us. .
Halcyon digital media design inc is a philgeps (philippine government electronic procurement system) member with platinum.
Membership status with registration no. 2017-198209 and certificate reference no: 2018027353.  .
Mission ? to be recognized as a trusted, high quality and.
Intelligent provider of web design and associated.
Services.  ? to achieve these goals while providing worthwhile.
Career paths for our staff. Integrity in all matters is the.
Foundation of our company.  vision ? to persistently improve our processes, technical capabilities,.
And customer service so as to become one of the largest and.
Most respected design companies in the philippines.  ? to be seen as a company that provides solutions which take.
Into account the rapid changes and advancements in.
Technology.  .
Corporate culture - equal opportunity employer.
Tthe culture of our company is western/filipino. We are an equal opportunity employer. Age, marital status, religion, gender.
Orientation, etc. , are not factors in choosing our staff.  .




3rd Floor, Trinity Bldg, 26 E Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila
Pasig City
Philippines, Philippines.

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