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Who we are

We are a philippine based software company that has clients in the philippines, u. S.. And u. K. .
We have immediate projects that need it professionals that are skilled in web development,api's, and database. The it professionals that we are seeking must be self starters, capable oflearning new technologies, and be able to work alone or in teams. .
For our work, we use a variety of tools, languages, and technologies. For example, amazonaws, visual studio, vue, react, js, html, node, php, python, django, sql and nosqldatabases. .
We offer a fun work environment where you can learn new skills and work at home withflexible work hours. .
Fresh graduates may apply and we will provide you with training.
Please send your resume to resumes. Gcm3@gmail. Com.




8th Floor Cityland 10 Tower II H.V. Dela Costa corner Valero, Bel-air, Makati City
Makati City
Manila, Philippines.

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